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ActiveHTML: Available Versions

ActiveHTML is available in different versions. Please take a look at the following information to determine which version will fit your needs:
Feature \ VersionWorkstation Server Evaluation
supported Plattforms Workstation
Windows XP/Vista/7
Workstation and Server
Windows XP/Vista/7
Windows 2003/2003R2/2008/2008R2
Workstation and Server
ASP 3.0 Yes Yes Yes
MSWC objects Yes Yes Yes
CDONTS.NewMail No Yes Yes
GZIP content compression No Yes Yes
Virtual Hosts No Yes Yes
AHTML.Exec-Object No Yes Yes
AHTML.Upload-Object No Yes Yes
NT-Account for anonymous No Yes Yes
AHTML.ProcessASP No Yes Yes
AHTML.SwitchUser No Yes Yes
AHTML.CurrentUser No Yes Yes
AHTML.BinaryReadFile No Yes Yes
AHTML.Format No Yes Yes
AHTML.GenGUIDString No Yes Yes
AHTML.GMTFormat No Yes Yes
AHTML.MD5Crypt No Yes Yes
AHTML.Base64-Object No Yes Yes
Registration required Yes Yes No
Evaluation time - - 45 Days
Price per Computer per Computer Free

The FREE Version is no longer available!


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