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ActiveHTML: Release History

 Version 1.05.0008,  5/6/2012
  • AHTML: Fixed problem with Server.MapPath
  • Setup: Added chinese config help file
  • Setup: WebWiz Forum version 10.11
 Version 1.05.0007a,  4/12/2012
  • Setup: Fixed installation problem on Windows Vista and Windows 7 after operating system update
 Version 1.05.0007,  12/3/2011
 Version 1.05.0006,  4/26/2011
  • AHTML: Improved Unicode support for filenames in AHTML.Upload, Request.Form, MSWC-Objects
  • AHTML: Request.Form can handle Unicode input now
  • AHTML: Problem with Session.Abandon fixed
  • AHTML: SessionID will no longer be reused
  • AHTML: MSWC.Counters is now binary compatible to MS-Object
  • AHTML: MSWC.BrowsCap is now binary compatible to MS-Object
  • AHTML: MSWC.AdRotator is now binary compatible to MS-Object
    • New data type for property "Clickable": Long (prior type: Boolean)
    • New data type for property "Border": Integer (prior type: Long)
  • AHTML: MSWC.ContentRotator is now binary compatible to MS-Object
  • AHTML: MSWC.NextLink is now binary compatible to MS-Object
  • AHTML: MSWC.PageCounter is now binary compatible to MS-Object
    • New data type for "Hits"-parameter: Variant (prior type: String)
    • Changed sub "PageHit" to function (Long)
  • AHTML: MSWC.Status is now binary compatible to MS-Object
  • AHTML: MSWC.Tools is now binary compatible to MS-Object
    • New data type for parameter "insertionPoint" in .ProcessForm: Variant (prior type: String)
  • AHTML: Objectnames changed for better compatibility with existing applications:
    • ASP_RequestDictionary > IRequestDictionary
    • ASP_VariantDictionary > IVariantDictionary
    • ASP_StringList > IStringList
    • ASP_ASPError > IASPError
    • ASP_ScriptingContext > IScriptingContext
    • ASP_Application > IApplicationObject
    • ASP_Request > IRequest
    • ASP_Response > IResponse
    • ASP_Server > IServer
    • ASP_Session > ISessionObject
    • ASPQueryString > IRequestDictionary
    • ASPCookie > IReadCookie und IWriteCookie
  • AHTML: Request.Cookies no longer returns ASPSessionID
  • AHTML: Request.Binaryread allows now reading of junks (more compatible with IIS)
  • AHTMLCFG: Added EnableReverseDNS (name resolution for REMOTE_HOST)
  • SETUP: Better support for Windows Vista
  • SETUP: Includes ActiveHTML testdrive (SHTTPD)
 Version 1.04.0002,  4/1/2007
  • AHTML: Added Windows Vista compatibility
  • AHTML: Added Manifest and digital signature
  • AHTML: Session.Timeout works more reliable now
  • AHTML: Using zlibwapi.dll instead of zlib.dll now
  • AHTML: Custom environment variables are now treated as system variables
  • AHTML: Writing Application variables from GLOBAL.ASA is now fully supported
  • AHTML: Session.Abandon executes Session_OnEnd in GLOBAL.ASA
  • AHTMLCFG: Added Windows Vista compatibility
  • AHTMLCFG: Added Manifest and digital signature
  • AHTMLCFG: Command line parameter "/SetACL" sets required registry and file permissions
  • AHTMLCFG: Added control panel applet
  • CDONTS: Added Windows Vista compatibility
  • CDONTS: Added Manifest and digital signature
  • CDONTS: Return value 450: Greylisting is handled correct
  • CDONTS: EML file is no longer deleted when send mail failed
  • SETUP: Sets required registry and file permissions
  • SETUP: DEB folder will be created
 Version 1.03.0002,  3/9/2006
  • AHTML: If an asp file didn't return some output, a wrong formatted header was sent
  • AHTML: Encoded Scripts in GLOBAL.ASA are now supported
  • AHTML: Fixed some problems with XML processing
  • AHTML: XBScript is now supported (with reservations)
  • AHTML: Fixed a bug in Request.ServerVariables.Key
  • AHTML: Fixed a bug with Application.Contents and Session.Contents
  • AHTML: Fixed HcSendContentLength processing
  • AHTML: Scripting.Dictionary objects may now be stored in Session and Application variables as long as the content is serializable (e.g. no objects)
  • AHTML: Increased stability, if different scripting languages are used within a single ASP file
  • AHTML: Fixed setting Application.Contens within GLOBAL.ASA
  • SETUP: Added install description for new web server: BRS WebWeaver
  • SETUP: Added install description for new web server: LightTPD
  • SETUP: Added install description for new web server: SHTTPD
 Version 1.02.0030,  9/6/2005
  • AHTML: Request.QueryString did work, Request.QueryString() not, fixed
  • AHTML: Nested Server.Execute calls now return results in proper order
  • AHTML: Empty CDONTS.Newmail body is now supported
  • AHTML: Fixed problem with Session.RemoveAll
  • AHTML: Fixed rare problem with ASPBufferingOn
  • AHTML: Fixed query of numeric items with Request.Form and Request.QueryString
  • AHTML: Request.Form and Request.QueryString without parameter gives back raw data now (like IIS does)
  • AHTML: Response.Flush without buffering On fixed
  • AHTML: Response.Redirect changes relative paths to absolute paths
  • AHTML: DBCS QueryString and Environment variables supported
  • AHTML: Script timeout works now
  • CDONTS: Fixed %SYSTEMDRIVE% folder problem
  • CDONTS: Empty Body property works now
  • AHTMLCFG: Window can be minimized now
  • SETUP: Fixed bug in Apache 2.x configuration file
  • SETUP: Added install description for new web server: NetServe
  • SETUP: Added install description for new web server: Pi3Web
  • SETUP: Added install description for new web server: Abyss 2.x
  • SETUP: Default install path changed
 Version 1.02.0013,  11/14/2004
  • AHTML: No more error "404 Not Found" if GLOBAL.ASA does not exist
 Version 1.02.0012,  11/7/2004
  • AHTML: No more errors if Application_OnStart/Session_OnStart does not exist in GLOBAL.ASA
  • AHTML: Empty HTML lines are no longer sent to client
  • AHTML: Fixed few problems with Server.MapPath
  • AHTML: Fixed file read problem if Internet Explorer 6 is not installed
  • AHTML: Improved support for DBCS operating systems (tested with Chinese, Russian and Hebrew Windows settings)
  • AHTML: Changed Cookie handling (Vartype is Empty now, if cookie does not exist)
  • AHTML: SubCookies can be deleted now
  • AHTML: Fixed problem with <SCRIPT SRC>
  • AHTML: Response with Charset setting to prevent web server from overwriting
  • AHTML: Imagemap-Support for certain web servers
  • AHTML: WebWiz Forum version 7.9
  • SETUP: seliSoft DLL and EXE files now have a digital signature
  • SETUP: New files in the ..\Install folder
 Version 1.02.0007,  4/21/2004
  • AHTML: In case of ASP errors, the correct filename and line number will be displayed
  • AHTML: Response.AppendToLog writes output to WIN32 debug interface (use DebugView to show)
  • AHTML: Session.Timeout works correct now
  • AHTML: Session.Contents and Application.Contents returns keys instead of values now
  • AHTML: DEFLATE compression is now supported
  • AHTML: Session and Application variables may now hold persistent objects (e.g. disconnected recordsets)
  • AHTML: Request.QueryString acts more like IIS now
  • AHTML: <OBJECT>-tag objects will now be created on first use of object
  • AHTML: Webbots will be removed by default (can be turned off)
  • AHTML: Response.Redirect now works correct with HTTPS pages
  • AHTML: Content compression now works on DBCS systems
  • AHTML: Session.LCID and Session.Codepage are working correct now
  • AHTML: CDONTS.NewMail is now supported
  • CDONTS: Send mails to SMTP servers, directly or via relay server, with or without SSL and authentication
  • AHTMLCFG: Added entries for CDONTS
  • AHTMLCFG: Virtual hosts may be deleted now
  • AHTMLCFG: Duplicated environment variables will be rejected now
  • SETUP: Update does not overwrite your ActiveHTML settings
  • SETUP: Includes updates of sample applications
  • Hyperwave Information Server is no longer official supported
 Version 1.01.0001,  7/29/2003
  • AHTML: Request("Name") returns empty stringlist instead of ""
  • AHTML: Request("Name") checks Cookies too
  • AHTML: Response.Write writes dates and currencies correct with other language settings
  • AHTML: Normal HTML text is written without codepage changing
  • AHTML: Response.IsClientConnected returns True instead of False
  • AHTML: Response.End works now if Buffering is turned off
  • AHTML: New sample application: Table-Editor (database)
  • AHTML: New server variables HTTP_URL and REQUEST_URI on every server
  • AHTML: Supports new scripting languages: IBM Object Rexx, Luascript
  • AHTML: Improved support for Microsoft Server 2003 (.NET)
  • AHTML: Request.Form and Request.Querystring - key works correct now
  • AHTML: Supports Visual Basic Webclasses
  • AHTML: GLOBAL.ASA will be found now even in Root folders
  • AHTML: FrontPage WebBots (<!--webbot ... -->) will be removed from output
  • AHTML: UTF-8 files are supported now
  • AHTML: Fixed Unicode handling
  • AHTMLCFG: Session and Application variables can be deleted (Clean Up)
  • SETUP: Install descriptions are now written with install paths
  • SETUP: Saves prior configuration files
 Version 1.00.0003,  3/8/2003
  • AHTML: Improved handling of white spaces in program path
  • AHTML: Improved support of international windows versions
  • AHTML: <OBJECT>-tag now requires RUNAT=Server
  • AHTML: HTTP_HOST is used with virtual hosts instead of SERVER_PORT
  • AHTML: LCID-Parameter is now supported (Session, Response)
  • AHTML: MSSCRIPT.OCX is no longer required
  • AHTML: Fixed some problems with Response.End
  • AHTML: Compile errors are now displayed with "-------^"
  • AHTML: Codepage-Parameter is now supported (Session, Response)
  • AHTML: UNICODE files can be used now (UTF-16/UCS-2 big endian)
  • AHTML: Improved support for external components (NewEnum)
  • AHTML: New command: "AHTML.DebugPrint" prints value to WIN32-Debug
  • AHTML: New command: "AHTML.BinaryToString" converts byte array to string
  • AHTML: New command: "AHTML.StreamToBinary" reads IStream to byte array
  • AHTML: New object: "AHTML.BinaryFile" loads and saves binary file data
  • AHTMLCFG: Debug-Mode can be switched on/off
 Version 0.00.0063,  9/27/2002
  • AHTML: Improved handling of short/long paths and paths containing spaces
  • AHTML: Version checking works ok now
  • AHTML: Fixed some smaller bugs
  • Setup: Uninstall works now with folder names containing spaces
 Version 0.00.0062,  8/24/2002
  • Setup: Corrected some messages during English setup
 Version 0.00.0061,  8/14/2002
  • AHTML: Added version checking of used DLLs at startup
  • AHTML: Changed registry-keys a bit
  • AHTMLCFG: Displays local computer name instead of localhost - IP at first start
  • Setup: Removed "sssss"-Messages during English installation
 Version 0.00.0060,  7/26/2002
  • Release Candidate 1

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