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Company-wide uniform Advisory messages by script-driven configuration of the Outlook Out of Office Assistant based on central managed templates and Outlook calendar appointments.

New Version 2.x !!!

OOF-Enterprise ManagerOOF-Enterprise automatically creates company wide uniform but personalized Out of Office Messages and mail forward rules based on Outlook calendar appointments.

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Manage the Out of Office settings of your Microsoft Exchange/Outlook users

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OOF-Admin is THE tool to manage Out of Office Settings of Microsoft Exchange/Outlook users. 

OOF-Admin can manage Out of Office message text and status (internal and external), Out of Office rules, delegates and Outlook folder rights

Very easy installation and usage, many individual settings and scriptable templates will make OOF-Admin a must-have in every professional Exchange environment.

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ActiveHTML provides
Active Server Pages (ASP)
to your preferred web server.

ActiveHTML is an extremely powerful CGI-Program. Active HTML provides real ASP-Features to nearly every web server which supports executing cgi programs.
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