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OOF-Admin: Release history

 Version 3.23.0013, 9/30/2023
  • Download
  • Neu: Support for Windows 11
  • Neu: Support for Windows Server 2022
  • Improved: Delegate-Handling
  • Improved: StartAs Compatibility
  • Improved: System fonts are used
  • Fixed: SentOnBehalfOf problem on manual out of Office replys/li>
  • Changed: Windows Vista is no longer supported
  • Changed: Windows Server 2008 is no longer supported
 Version 3.22.0002, 6/1/2021
  • Download
  • New: Support for Windows 10 21H1 May 2021 Update
  • New: LogEvent ForwardUnreadSelected
  • New: LogEvent ForwardAppointmentsSelected
  • New: LogEvent DelegatesSelected
  • New: LogEvent RulesSelected
  • Improved: StartAs Stability
  • Changed: Digital Signature Certificate
 Version 3.21.0001, 11/4/2020
  • Download
  • New: Support for Windows 10 20H2 Oktober Update
  • New: Support for Windows 10 Version 2004
  • New: Support Exchange AD-Domain != Benutzer AD-Domain
  • Improved: Performance
  • Improved: Credential handling
 Version 3.20.0001, 5/23/2020
  • Download
  • New: Support for Exchange 2019
  • New: Support for Windows 10 Version 1909
  • New: Autodiscover URL could be specified
  • New: Caches Autodiscover response
 Version 3.18.0000, 5/3/2019
  • Download
  • New: Support for Outlook 2019 (32 Bit)
  • Fixed: Forward Unread Messages dialog was not restricted to unread messages
  • Fixed: Potential crash when showing message boxes
  • Changed: Outlook 2003 is no longer supported
 Version 3.17.0007, 10/20/2018
  • Download
  • New: Works with Windows 10 version 1809 (October 2018)
  • Improved: Reading mails to forward is now 6-8 times faster
  • Improved: Reading appointments to forward is now 2-3 times faster
  • Changed: Removed Support legacy (Exchange 2003) Out of Office settings
  • Changed: Returnvalue for Script AllowAction is now False
 Version 3.16.0001, 5/11/2018
  • Download
  • New: Works with Windows 10 version 1803 (April 2018)
  • New: Column To in mail forward dialog
  • New: Language policy setting
  • Changed: Codesign certificate replaced
  • Improved: Autodiscover usage
  • Improved: License dialog is now resizable
  • Improved: Windows Virtual File Store is no longer used
  • Improved: Setup: Shortcuts not longer Advertised
  • Improved: Setup: HKCU are no longer used
 Version 3.15.0002, 3/4/2017
 Version 3.14.0005, 11/22/2016
  • Download
  • Fixed: Extension-Script functions did not work in some cases
  • Improved: Opening a Mailbox is faster, if an Autodiscover server does not respond
 Version 3.14.0002, 10/9/2016
  • Download
  • New: Support for Exchange 2016
  • New: Forward rule from OOF-Enterprise can be overridden
  • Improved: Autodiscover function
  • Improved: Usability of Mail/Appointment Forward screens
  • Improved: Setup: Outlook 2013 detection
  • Changed: Windows XP is no longer supported
 Version 3.13.0002, 7/4/2016 - Certificate Hotfix
  • Download
  • Changed: New codesign certificate (Dual Code Signing SHA1 and SHA256)
 Version 3.13.0001, 8/30/2015, 7/4/2016
  • Download (new certificate)
  • New: Support for Windows 10
  • New: Policy AllowSupport
  • Improved: Better performance on forwarding many unread messages
  • Improved: Writing messages with german umlauts
  • Improved: Better performance showing folder selection list with many folder
  • Changed: New codesign certificate
 Version 3.12.0005, 7/4/2014
  • Download
  • Changed: Extension-Script: Policy Handling
 Version 3.12.0004, 6/22/2014
  • Download
  • Fixed: Autodiscover: Problem with AD-Query
 Version 3.12.0003, 5/4/2014
  • Download
  • New: Support for Exchange 2013
  • New: Policy AllowPermissionsIPMRoot
  • New: Policy AllowUpdate
  • New: Extension-Script-Query: AllowOptions
  • New: Extension-Script-Query: AllowMassChange
  • New: Extension-Script-Query: AllowOOFReply
  • New: Extension-Script-Query: AllowSelf
  • New: Extension-Script-Query: AllowUserAddress
  • New: Extension-Script-Query: AllowLicenses
  • New: Extension-Script-Query: AllowLicensesCount
  • New: Extension-Script-Query: AllowLicensesAdd
  • New: Extension-Script-Query: AllowRulesQueryAD
  • New: Extension-Script-Query: AllowDelegatesQueryAD
  • New: Extension-Script-Query: AllowPreview
  • New: Extension-Script-Query: AllowPermissionsIPMRoot
  • New: Extension-Script-Query: AllowUpdate
  • Improved: Handling if external OOF is disabled
  • Improved: More performance in large networks
  • Improved: Autodiscover: Site-Attribut in AD now handled
  • Improved: Autodiscover: Cache last valid address
  • Changed: Check for duplicate mail addresses
 Version 3.11.0007, 10/11/2013
  • Download
  • New: Support for Windows 8.1
  • New: Supports Outlook 2013 policy: TurnOffPhotograph
  • New: Mailbox Permissions can be set
  • Improved: Autodiscover is more robust (self signed certificates)
  • Improved: HTML source editing
  • Improved: Licenses can be saved as file, if internal saving failed
  • Improved: New Setup program
  • Fixed: Problem with //Config if UAC is enabled
  • Fixed: MAPI profile will be deleted after logon failed
  • Changed: Outlook 2000 is no longer supported
  • Changed: Exchange 2000 is no longer supported
 Version 3.10.0003, 3/30/2013
  • Download
  • New: Support for Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012
  • New: Support for Outlook 2013
  • New: Support for installed Outlook 64-Bit
  • New: Support for multiple domain licenses
  • New: Policy AllowUserAddress
  • New: Policy ExtensionScriptRequired
  • New: Policy AllowLicenses
  • New: Policy StartAsINI
  • Improved: Faster appointment reading
  • Improved: Mailbox owner is shown on folder permission dialog
  • Improved: Sender account can be changed without program restart
  • Improved: Previous version detection during installation
  • Improved: Begin/End of Out of Office duration now starts with current date
  • Fixed: Start problem with large process environment
  • Fixed: Possible bypass of AllowSelf policy
  • Fixed: Disabled Save button if only HTML text was deleted
  • Fixed: Domain depended registry entries are now consistent
  • Changed: Windows 2000 is no longer supported
  • Changed: Outlook 97 is no longer supported
 Version 3.09.0014, 6/6/2012
  • Download
  • Improved: Support for netbooks screen resolution (1024x600)
  • Improved: Better performance when template files resides on network share
  • Fixed: Side by side installation with Office2010 x64
  • Fixed: Error with toolbar customize on Windows 7
 Version 3.09.0009, 12/22/2011
  • Improved: Policy MaxSensitivityDetails=-2 does not show any details
  • Improved: Taskbar shows progress bar in Windows 7
  • Fixed: Autodiscover certificate problem
  • Fixed: Setup error with VBScript problem
  • Fixed: Wrong error messages were shown sometimes
  • Changed: License request must contain at least a second level domain
  • Changed: Cache-Mode-profiles are no longer accepted
 Version 3.09.0006, 12/3/2011
  • New: Send manual Out of Office Replys
  • New: Multilingual templates depending on User Interface language
  • New: Setup adds OOF-Admin to Windows firewall exceptions
  • Improved: Autodiscover handles redirection and multivalue DNS answers
  • Improved: License handling with multiple license files
  • Improved: Splashscreen window appears now in task bar
  • Improved: Setup makes complete backup of templates folder
  • Fixed: Potential GPF during program start
  • Fixed: Forward messages/appointments buttons disabled during processing
  • Changed: Filename OOF-Admin.adm > OOF-Admin3.adm
  • Changed: Button captions in forward dialoges
  • Changed: Caption of start menu shortcuts
 Version 3.08.0024, 8/7/2011
  • Download
  • New: Mass changes will be logged via ExtensionScript: LogAction
  • New: Exchange connections will be encrypted by default
  • New: Retry Exchange logon if network error occurs
  • Improved: ExtensionScript will be now reloaded only when modified (faster)
  • Improved: After saving Out of Office settings, the result will be checked (wait for Exchange if necessary)
  • Improved: Finding Domain controller of a foreign domain is more reliable
  • Improved: Opening a mailbox no longer requires a separate MAPI profile (faster)
  • Improved: More than one license can be installed without program restart
  • Improved: Licenses will be grouped by mail domain now
  • Improved: Reading Out of Office settings from Outlook < 2007, all linefeeds are replaced with '<br>'
  • Fixed: Problem reading delegates, if Exchange and Active Directory are not in sync
  • Fixed: Problem reading invalid Out of Office rule (created by other third party software)
  • Fixed: Problem reading delegates stops with error MAPI_E_CORRUPT_DATA
  • Fixed: Problem starting Browser in some environments (proxy logon)
  • Fixed: If one direct report (AD) has no mailbox, all other reports were not visible in orgnization menu
  • Fixed: Extended Free/Busy privileges will no longer being saved with old MAPI client (error occured)
 Version 3.08.0012, 2/6/2011
  • New: Uses Autodiscover mechanism with Exchange 2007/2010
  • New: Internal support for dedicated Client Access Servers (CAS)
  • New: Shows picture of mailbox owner from Active Directory
  • New: ExtensionScript: LogAction function allows detailed logging of user activities (incl. samples)
  • New: ExtensionScript: WScript properties and methodes can be used
  • New: ExtensionScript: Many new objects can be used
  • New: Supports different timezones in Start/End with scheduled Out of Office
  • New: Check for duplicate and missing mail addresses
  • New: Supports Exchange 2007/2010 policy: AllowExternalOof
  • New: Supports Outlook 2010 policy: TurnOffPhotograph
  • New: Many new group policies options
  • New: Templates and licenses may now reside on a network drive with drive letter
  • New: Setup will terminate a running OOF-Admin instance
  • Fixed: Saving new delegates under Exchange 2010
  • Fixed: Problem saving license files
  • Fixed: Problem creating forward rules to external SMTP addresses
  • Changed: Some Templates were changed / improved
 Version 3.07.0009, 5/19/2010
  • Download
  • Fixed: Startproblem when whole Exchange Server environment was updated to version 2010
  • Fixed: changing font smoothing on startup on some environments
  • Changed: Minor changes on licenses screen
 Version 3.07.0008, 5/4/2010
  • Fixed: Application startup problems with similar Alias values
  • Fixed: Default address book was not set correctly due to Outlook 2010 error
  • New: Reply-With rule message can be modified now
  • Changed: Windows 2000 is supported again
  • Changed: Minor improvements
 Version 3.07.0006, 3/26/2010
  • Fixed: Active Directory Queries with apostrophe in path
  • Minor Bugfixes
 Version 3.07.0005, 3/16/2010
  • Fixed: OOFScript constants were not visible in ExtensionScript
  • Fixed: Sometimes ExtensionScript was not executed
  • New: ExtensionScript sample (OOF-Admin.vbs.txt) added
  • Fixed: OOFScriptRule.Actions returned wrong variable type
  • Minor Bugfixes
 Version 3.07.0004, 2/21/2010
  • New: Mass change added
  • New: Edit templates source code added
  • New: Group Policies (*.ADM) added
  • New: ExtensionScript allows individual permission check
  • New: Shortcuts to Active Directory relationships (Manager, Colleagues, Direct reports) available for Rules and Delegates
  • New: Online update check
  • New: Support for Office 2010 beta
  • Changed: Improved default templates and added error handling
  • New: Default template: RuleReply.txt
  • New: Rules dialog is resizable now
  • Changed: Mailbox owner can no longer be added to delegates
  • Fixed: Problem with Outlook Cache Mode set by Group Policies
  • Changed: Improved list of available licenses
  • Changed: License check: Only internal exchange users will be counted
  • New: Show warning on expired maintenance licenses
  • New: Now fully compatible with Explorer 8 and Windows 7
  • New: Added compatibility with Exchange 2010
  • New: INI file can be used: (e.g. /INI=C:\Programs\seliSoft\OOF-Admin3\%USERNAME%.INI)
  • New: OOFScript: OOFScriptRule.HasCondition
  • New: OOFScript: OOFScriptRules.ForwardCountWithoutCondition
  • New: Setup: Existing templates will be backed up on Update
  • Changed: Windows 2000 is no longer supported
 Version 3.05.0019, 7/20/2009
  • Download
  • Changed: Improved saving of Extended Out of Office settings (Exchange 2007)
  • Fixed: Problem with "Member of distribution list" rule
  • Fixed: StartAs problem if computer account is not member of logon domain
 Version 3.05.0018, 6/30/2009
  • Changed: License check: Inactive mailbox accounts are no longer counted
  • Fixed: Problem calling internet address under Windows XP
  • Changed: Improved GUI under Windows 2008
  • New: Rule condition "Member of distribution list" added
  • Changed: StartAs: Improved compatibility with Windows Vista UAC
  • Changed: StartAs: Improved password validation
 Version 3.05.0012, 2/24/2009
  • New: Mail server ping can be completely disabled now
  • Fixed: Hide details for every messages/appointments works now correctly
  • Changed: Increased compatibility with Windows 2008
  • Changed: Out of Office start time my now be in the past (Exchange 2007)
  • Changed: Administrator-Options will be hidden for non administrators
  • New: StartAs: Program parameters can be used and saved
  • Changed: Setup: Old version may not be installed if newer version is already installed
  • Changed: Setup: INI files are no longer overwritten on install nor deleted on uninstall
 Version 3.05.0010, 2/6/2009
  • First public release of OOF-Admin 3
  • Out of Office rules can be enabled/disabled with space bar
  • Custom folder rights are handled correct when managing delegates
  • Free/Busy right on calendar folder are now handled correct
  • User may change program language
  • Delegate notification was sometimes not received under Exchange 2007
  • Notification reply address can be set to current user
  • Notifications sender can be set to current user (SendAs ActiveDirectory privileges for OOF-User required)
  • Windows Vista Desktop Themes are handled correct now
  • Context sensitive help in all program windows (F1)
  • All Templates path can be modified now
  • MSI-Setup for simple installation and software distribution
  • Templates without full path will be found in language specific template folder
  • Location of template files can be modified
  • Internal and external HTML Out of Office templates instead of one template for both
  • Removed duplicate linefeeds in message preview
  • Out of Office moveto/copyto folder rule can be modified, even if the destination folder does no longer exist
  • In folder selection, the top folder can no longer be collapsed
 Version 2.04.0000, 4/24/2008
  • Download
  • Last public release of OOF-Admin 2



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